RMA order errors
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In this article, we will get an overview of the main RMA order errors you may encounter when using Koongo Order Synchronisation service. You will learn how to easily identify and address these type of errors and warnings to get your orders transferred smoothly.

Order item is out of stock

The order can not be inserted into the store because one of the items is either out of stock or without the minimum quantity required. The problem might occur when the product synchronisation is not properly set up or the same product has been ordered on multiple places (channels, online store) at the same time.

How can you fix the issue?

If you want to transfer the order into your online store even if the products are out of stock, you will need to increase the stock of these products in your online store and ask Koongo support team to reinsert the order.

How to avoid the "out-of-stock" orders next time?

It is necessary to review the product syncing to ensure smooth product data updates.

  1. Take a look into the order detail (tab Items) and try to find the product ids of order items.

  2. Investigate the product syncing for the given channel (e.g. Bol, Amazon) and check if the products were properly updated.

    1. The stock information of products is usually updated by the offer, inventory, or similar feed and you can check the update status within the product submission report (search for specific product id) at API submission > Show Products.

  3. In case you can not find the product in the product submission report, it might be necessary to adjust the export profile in order to update out-of-stock products too.

    1. Usually, it is enough to set the option Export out of stock product = Yes (available at Channel details > Edit Settings > Product Filter tab) and resubmit the feed.

  4. If you are not sure about the settings, you can review the overall configuration of the product syncing for the given channel. Please see our guides for particular channels.

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