Add refund errors
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In this article, we will get an overview of the main Add refund errors you may encounter when using the Koongo Order Synchronisation service. You will learn how to easily identify and address these errors and warnings to get your refunds transferred smoothly.

Internal server error at the store(Magento 2)

The refund can not be inserted into the store because of an internal server error. The error usually means that there is some inconsistency in order at the store. For example, the ordered items are not available for refund in the store for various reasons.

How can you fix the issue?

Please add the refund manually directly to the order at your store.

How to avoid the issue next time?

The issue might be related to several configurations. Our support team can check the issue for you. Feel free to contact us and please provide the following:

  • Access to your store administration

  • Order number and description of the issue

  • Error log and reports with records related to the issue.

  • Magento 2: Log is available in file MAGENTO ROOT DIR/var/log/system.log, Reports are available in folder MAGENTO ROOT DIR/var/report. Certain report id might be found at Koongo order management in certain order details - tab Communication - row with Add Refund command error (Click "Show details" to see at original message).


Add refund for Miinto China

Add refund for Miinto China can't be processed to the marketplace because it's not possible to refund Chinese orders automatically. Refund has to be reported to Miinto Partner Support Team and they'll process it manually.

How can you fix the issue?

Please contact the Miinto Partner Support Team and ask them to process the specific refund. They'll process the refund manually.

How to avoid the issue next time?

The Miinto China refund is not possible to process automatically. Each such refund needs to be processed manually by Miinto Partner Support Team.

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