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Connection errors
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we will get an overview of the general errors you may encounter when using Koongo. You will learn how to easily identify and address these types of errors to get your store connected.

Connection failed

The order can not be inserted because the connection with the store could not be established.

How can you fix the issue?

Try to ensure the connection between Koongo and your store is working correctly. Please, try to double-check your store is not facing any issues, it is reachable and the Koongo app is duly installed and authorized.

Once the connection issue is fixed, please ask the Koongo support team to reinsert the order.

How to avoid the issue next time?

This is usually a temporary connection error with Koongo and your store. In case the app is duly installed, authorized and the connection running smoothly, the error should be automatically addressed as Koongo will try to re-execute any failed command up to 3 times. In any other case, please get in touch with Koongo support, providing backend access, for us to take a closer look into the connection issue.

Invalid Signature (Magento 2)

The API connection with Magento 2 is broken, the connection is not authorized due to an invalid signature.

How can you fix the issue?

Koongo needs a valid API key to connect your Magento 2 instance. Please, try to Disconnect your Magento 2 store from Koongo to perform a clean Reconnection. Once the API Key is updated & valid, the connection should be authorized.

How to avoid the issue next time?

In case the Magento 2 reconnection is not solving the issue, please try to get in touch with Koongo support providing Magento 2 backend access for us to check the API connection and help you fix the issue.

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