Spartoo order sync manual
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Update your Koongo plan

You might need to update your Koongo plan to be able to activate the Spartoo order connection. For more information please check: Update your plan to activate an order connection

Order sync setup

To activate the Spartoo order synchronization, please follow the steps below:

Add connection

Click Add Connection button.


Select the Spartoo connection

Select the Spartoo connection from the grid


Fill user details

Fill your Spartoo account API key and set Activate Order Synchronization to ACTIVE. Save the settings.


Sync your orders

Click Synchronize Orders button


Orders configuration

You can modify various parameters in the Orders Configuration section


Activate Order Synchronization

  • You can set the connection to Active or Disabled.

Order Synchronization Level

  • The Order Synchronization Level option can be set to Orders&Stock or Stock only.

Accept Orders Automatically

  • The Accept Orders Automatically option can be set to Yes.

Koongo can automatically decide whether a Spartoo order should be accepted or not. Acceptance is based on the merchant stock and price of certain order items.

The order is accepted automatically if the product is in stock and the order price equals or is higher than the reference Price Attribute - Price final include tax or Price original include tax can be used.

  • By default, the Accept Orders Automatically option is set to No. Each order needs to be accepted manually in your Spartoo or Koongo account.

Auto Accept Orders - Price Attribute

  • The auto accept order functionality price reference can be set either to Price final include tax or Price original include tax. By default, Price final include tax attribute is used.

Auto Accept Orders - Price Attribute Threshold

  • The threshold is applied to the price attribute before comparison with the order item's price (the price attribute is multiplied by the threshold). The recommended value is 0.97, which means that the order is accepted if the order item price is equal to or higher than 97% of the product price.

Use Billing Address For Shipping

  • Insert billing address instead of shipping address during order syncing from Spartoo to Koongo.

Product Identification Attribute

  • You can select attributes for product identification on Spartoo. By default, id attribute is used.

Sync Orders Created From Date

  • Only orders and RMAs created from the specified date will be synced. Format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2021-03-20

Default Shipping Service

  • The default value will be used in case, the order shipping service from the store doesn't match Spartoo allowed services.

Order details

You can check each order details.

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