Amazon order sync manual
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Update your Koongo Plan

You might need to update your Koongo plan to be able to activate the Amazon order connection. For more information please check: Update your plan to activate an order connection

Order sync setup

To activate the Amazon order synchronization, please follow the steps below:

  • Add connection

Click Add Connection button.


  • Select the Amazon connection

Select the Amazon connection from the list


  • Fill user details

Select your Amazon account Marketplace and fill the Seller Id and MWS Authorization Token. Set Activate Order Synchronization to ACTIVE. Save the settings.

For more details about Seller Id and MWS Authorization Token, please check the Integration over API manual.


  • Sync your orders

Click Synchronize Orders button


Orders configuration

You can modify various parameters in the Orders Configuration section


Activate Order Synchronization

  • You can set the connection to Active or Disabled.

Order Synchronization Level

  • The Order Synchronization Level option can be set to Orders&Stock or Stock only.

Order types

  • Order syncing will transfer only orders with the selected fulfillment method.

Product Identification Attribute

  • This indicated the attribute which is mapped to Amazon Seller SKU in the Amazon feed.

Crop Amazon Seller SKU - remove prefix or suffix

  • Amazon Seller SKU might be cropped before it is saved into order at Koongo. So for example it is possible to remove suffix or prefix in the Seller SKU in order to ensure appropriate mapping to products in the connected online store. Please contact our support desk for the configuration of this feature - please ask about adjustment of Product Identification Attribute Value Pattern To Replace

Default Shipping service - store shipment

  • The default value will be used in case, the order shipping service in shipment from the store doesn't match Amazon allowed services.

Default Order Shipping method

  • The default shipping method for Amazon orders - e.g. DHL DE. Leave empty if you'd like to use values imported from Amazon. Value is used also for Carrier Name during shipment upload to Amazon if Carrier Name is not filled by store.

Order Cancellation Reason

  • The default reason for order cancellation at the Amazon channel.

Ignore Amazon Tax

  • Ignore Amazon tax lines during order item processing.

Tax is included in Prices

  • Tax is included in the base item and shipping price, which comes from Amazon.

Order details

You can check each order details.

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