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Zalando Partner Product feed integration manual
Zalando Partner Product feed integration manual
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The product feed is used to create a product in the Zalando database. Information like title, color, brand, description, material, and others are defined in this feed.

Create a Product feed

Create your Zalando Product feed in your Koongo account.

IMPORTANT: Please, take into consideration certain Zalando policies about creating products:

  • You cannot edit an article with an already assigned SKU.

  • Once an article is added it cannot be removed/deleted.

  • A Model ID added as One Size can only have different colour variations, not also size variations.




Zalando category mapping

Map all your store categories to the Zalando categories. For more information, please check the following:

Please note Zalando should have validated for your account the categories you need to sell on.

Mandatory attributes

Several mandatory attributes have to be filled in the Zalando Product feed:


Id size group from Zalando - Example: 2M00000A2A,2M00000A2A. You can get those codes from Zalando over API once the feed is connected to your Zalando account.

Please check Zalando's guide for enabling different Size Groups for your account if needed -> Finding your Size Group codes

Size group

Product size groups. Please select values from the approved options:

  • Male

  • Female

  • Kids

  • Unisex

  • Accessories

Size group category

Product size group name. Please select values from the approved options:

  • Accessories

  • Sport

  • Beauty

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

Target age group

Product target age group. Please select values from the approved options:

  • Adult

  • Teen

  • Kid

  • Baby

Target gender

Product target gender. Approved values:

  • Male

  • Female


Product season. Examples: All-season Basic Article(year_round_basics), Spring-Summer 2022(fs22), Fall-Winter 2022(hw22), Spring-Summer 2023(fs23)

Approved values:

  • fs22

  • hw22

  • fs23

  • year_round_basics

Primary color

Product primary color. Your color values have to be adjusted to the approved values below:

  • mottled yellow

  • burnt orange denim

  • light red

  • metallic red

  • mauve

  • dark blue

  • neon orange

  • khaki

  • gold-coloured

  • silver-coloured

  • mottled olive

  • bleached denim

  • mottled pink

  • rinsed denim

  • neon pink

  • mottled light yellow

  • mottled blue

  • mottled royal blue

  • bordeaux

  • selvage denim

  • laser denim

  • coated denim

  • brown

  • mottled light blue

  • mottled dark grey

  • mottled anthracite

  • mottled red

  • mottled light red

  • sand

  • mottled black

  • mottled beige

  • metallic black

  • metallic blue

  • mottled brown

  • mottled light green

  • mottled lilac

  • purple

  • teal

  • apricot

  • dark brown

  • pink

  • tan

  • dark yellow

  • mottled purple

  • dirty denim

  • moon washed

  • neon green

  • mottled dark brown

  • black denim

  • berry

  • mottled ochre

You can use Koongo rewrite functionality to modify your color values to Zalando ones:

Supplier color

Product supplier color. You can use your store color values.

Material attributes

There are several material attributes available. You should define the material name and percentage for a Zalando material attribute. You can define up to 3 material names:

Example: cotton|80||nylon|15||polypropylene|5

Your material values should be adjusted to the approved values below:

  • viscose

  • otter

  • glass fibre

  • flax

  • lyocell

  • animal hair

  • polycarbamide

  • cashgora

  • textile

  • silk

  • vicuna

  • wool

  • nylon

  • elastodiene

  • camel

  • polypropylene

  • acrylic

  • cupro

  • elastolefin

  • mohair

  • modal

  • metal

  • kapok

  • llama

  • sunn

  • protein

  • henequen

  • guanako

  • melamine

  • linen

  • alpaca

  • beaver

  • trivinyl

  • true hemp

  • acetate

  • fluorofibre

  • Elastomultiester

  • abaca (Manila hemp)

  • chlorofibre

  • alfa

  • triacetate

  • yak

  • sisal

  • leather

  • ramie

  • jute

  • aramid

  • polyimide

  • feathers

  • other fibres

  • paper

You can use Koongo rewrite functionality to modify your material values to Zalando ones:

Ean code

Ean code is Zalando's mandatory attribute.


Size is Zalando's mandatory attribute.


Images are Zalando's mandatory attribute. For more information about Zalando's image requirements, please check the document below.

Set up the Product feed API connection

If you already connected the Offer feed, the Zalando API connection is set up.

Submit the Product feed to Zalando

  • Submit the Zalando Product feed. Zalando will validate your products

  • Submit the Offer feed to activate approved products on Zalando.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us at

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