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How can I connect to Zalando Partner Program?
How can I connect to Zalando Partner Program?
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Sell your assortment on Zalando, EU leading fashion platform, and get access to almost 49 million active customers across 23 European countries through their marketplace model. Under the Partner Program, you remain in the driver's seat, you can set your own prices, track your real-time performance at any time or retain control over assortment, branding, marketing & logistics.

The Zalando Offer feed will help you to add your product Offers to the Zalando marketplace. The Zalando order management is available for various e-commerce platforms.

Register on Zalando (Partner Program)

Sign up for an account on Zalando Partner Program. In order to get more details about the Zalando Partner Program, please check the following link.

Set Zalando Connection Up

Koongo will need to receive an invitation from your Zalando business account to become your technical partner. You have 2 options here:

  1. Follow the URL to generate an invitation for Koongo to become your technical partner:

  2. Invite Koongo as Existing Technical Partner using the following Koongo id:


  • It's important to give Write All & Read All permissions to Koongo.


Create Zalando feeds

To manage your products on the Zalando marketplace, there are 2 product feed types needed - Offer feed, and Product feed

  • Offers feed - Offer feed is used to update product data (price, qty) of the products already defined in the Zalando database. It should be set up first. For more information please check the Zalando Partner Offer feed integration manual

  • Product feed - Product feed is used to create a new product in the Zalando database. Information like title, color, brand, description, material, and others are required. For more information please check the Zalando Partner Product feed integration manual

Zalando order synchronization manual

The Zalando order sync. service is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the Zalando order sync. service, please follow:

Channel setup assistance

Do you struggle with a channel setup? Let us know at

We'll be happy to help you with your integration.

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