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Bol Content Feed Integration Manual
Bol Content Feed Integration Manual
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Content feed is used to create a product in the Bol database. Information like title, color, brand, description, and others are defined.

Create a Content feed

Create a Content feed in your Koongo account.

content_feed.png category mapping

Please map all your store categories to the Bol categories. For more information, please check the following:

Be careful when selecting a category for a product. Once the category is uploaded to your Bol account for the specific product, you cannot change the category.

You need to contact Bol support to modify the category of already uploaded products.

Custom attributes

You can add additional attributes to the Content feed. All the Bol attributes and approved values are listed in the Bol Datamodel.

Attribute names and values must be filled into the Content feed in English.

Set up the Content feed API connection

If you already connected the Offer feed, the Bol API connection is set up. If not connected, please check to Connect your feed - Bol authorization for more information

Submit the Content feed to

  • Submit the Content feed via API

  • Submit the Offer feed via API - to apply the changes done by the Content feed, you need to submit the Offer feed right after the Content feed submission

Update your product on

There are over 6000 Bol categories available. Some of the Bol categories require specific mandatory attribute values. To activate the product on Bol, you must fill in the mandatory attribute values in your Bol account.

Re-submit your Bol Offer feed

  • Submit your Bol Offer feed to apply the product data updates

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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