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How can I filter items in a product feed?
How can I filter items in a product feed?
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How To Filter Your Products with Koongo

Koongo is a great tool for managing and exporting your product catalogue to different online selling channels. With Koongo, you have access to a variety of filters to ensure that you only export what you want to a specific channel.

For example, if you have a clothing catalogue you can filter out inappropriate items and sizes. These filters offer a great way to control and modify your exported product feed.

Types Of Filters

We are basically offering common, product and category filters. The common filters will let you select items according to the stock, status (active/removed) or parent & child relation.

The category filters will depend on the amount of categories imported into Koongo and how well your store items are categorised. You can select all your categories, select the ones with the category mapping completed or manually select some of them.
The attribute filters can be applied to almost any store attribute imported into Koongo, including product name, colour, size, tags, metafields, custom fields, product features, product type, etc.

Saving Filters

You can save your filters for use in other channels and/or projects. Saved rules can be easily applied when creating new projects and channels. This is a great way to speed up the process of managing your product listings across multiple selling channels.


Koongo offers a great range of filtering options for your products. This allows you to tailor your product feeds according to the specifics of the channels and projects you're working on.

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