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Spartoo Product feed - integration manual
Spartoo Product feed - integration manual
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To export your product data on the Spartoo marketplace you can use an XML product feed. A product feed is used to create your products on the Spartoo marketplace. Information like title, color, brand, size, description and others are defined there.

There is an XML product feed available:

  • Product feed (multi-language) - product data can be defined in multiple languages

To create and set up a product feed, please follow the steps below.

Register on Spartoo

For more information, please check How can I sign up for Spartoo account?

Create Spartoo product feed

Add Product feed (single-language) or Product feed (multi-language) to your Koongo account as described here Manage Channels



Spartoo category mapping

Please map all your store categories to the Spartoo categories. Your products will be listed on Spartoo in the categories defined in Koongo.

For more information about category mapping, please check the following:

Map mandatory attributes

There are several mandatory attributes for the Spartoo product feed. Please ensure the correct store attributes are mapped to those Spartoo mandatory attributes.

Mandatory attributes are:

  • manufacturers_name

  • product_sex

  • product_price

  • size

  • photos

For more information about attribute mapping, please check the following:

Submit your Spartoo product feed

Once the feed is ready, please submit your Spartoo product feed to Spartoo support for review. Spartoo support should send you an error report with information about what needs to be fixed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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