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Kaufland Product feed integration manual
Kaufland Product feed integration manual
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The product feed is used to create a product in the Kaufland database. Information like title, colour, brand, description, material, and others are defined in this feed.

Sign up for Kaufland account

Create Kaufland Product feed

Please add the Kaufland Product feed to your profile grid. For more details, please check the manual below:

Kaufland category mapping

Please map all your store categories to the Kaufland categories. For more information, please check the following:

In case you'd like to sell on different Kaufland locations, you need to do category mapping for each location product feed.

Mandatory attributes

Several mandatory attributes have to be filled in the Kaufland Product feed:


Unique Identifier. Munufacturer EAN.


Clear and concise product title. This will be displayed on the product page.

Please use the following format when creating your product titles:



Emotional description or descriptive bullet points with informative details. HTML format possible


Manufacturer of the product. This information will be displayed on the product page and in the navigation menu.


URL of the main product image. This will be the first image displayed on the main page
The URL must be complete and valid. It must begin with http:// Permitted file formats are .jpg, .png and .gif. The preferred format is .jpg

Connect Product feed to your Kaufland account

Once your Product feed is adjusted, you can connect the feed to your Kaufland account via automatic upload at the link below:

Note: Due to the Koongo technical restriction, the automatic upload is available only for one of the Kaufland locations. Koongo is not able to merge all Kaufland location product feeds into one prior to the feed download. You can upload the other Kaufland locations manually using the Upload Product Data File button.

Channel setup assistance

Would you like some help with a channel setup? Let us know at

We'll be happy to help you with your integration.

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