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Markplaats Ads via API feed
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The Ads via API feed type is used to activate product data on Marktplaats Pro.

Open an account with Marktplaats Pro

Create your account on Marktplaats Pro


Set your Ads via API feed up

Log into your Koongo account and create your Ads via API feed up - Manage Channels


Adjust attribute mapping settings

Most of the Marktplaats Pro mandatory attributes are pre-mapped to your store attributes. One of the mandatory attributes that is missing is the SellerName attribute.


Please fill in the default value for your SellerName attribute:


Advertise Out Of Stock Products

If set to No, products with quantity less than 1 will get Status = PAUSED, otherwise, Status will not be changed.


Map your store categories to Marktplaats categories

Map your store category to Marktplaats official categories - Category Mapping


Filter usage

You can apply Attribute & Category filters from - Product Filter to export just the required products.


Set up your Ads via API connection

  • Click on the API Submission icon.


  • Click Connect Marktplaats account.


  • Log in to your Marktplaats account.

  • Confirm the permissions.


  • Once redirected to Koongo, you will see the Markplaats Token added to your order connection.

  • Enable Feed Auto-Submit: No/Yes - If you enable the Auto-submit feature, the channel feed file will be uploaded via API automatically whenever you change channel settings or update the channel feed file. For initial submission, you can use the No option.


  • Click the Save settings button.


Upload your products to your Marktplaats account

  • Submit your Ads via API feed to Marktplaats Pro


You might test the connection first if it's correct. You can select just a couple of your products for the first upload - e.g. one of your category - Product Filter#CategoryFilter.

Check your 'Ads via API' feed

  • You can check your Ads via API feed - click Show Products and download (Export List) it in CSV format and open it in Excel.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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