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Common Filter Settings
Updated over a week ago

By using the product filters you can limit the number of items exported to the given selling channel. There are several filter options available that allow you to select just specific items for a specific channel.



Export Out of Stock Products

Allows you to exports all items or just in-stock items.

Export variants as single products

This setting allows you to export variants as single products. If set to Yes, the parent products are excluded from the feed. Only variants are exported.

Export removed products

By default set to No. If you remove or deactivate an item from your store, Koongo stores the item for a limited time. So, Koongo is able to remove the item from a specific marketplace - e.g. Amazon or eBay. Options:

  • No - exports only active items listed in your store

  • Yes(All products) - exports all items, removed/deactivated items are includes

  • Remove Only - exports only removed/deactivated items

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