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Koongo settings for Magento
Koongo settings for Magento
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There are several configuration options for the Magento platform.

To set them up please click the Store Settings button within the left menu.


API Info

  • Store URL - The URL link of your Magento store

  • Consumer Key - Your store Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret - Your store Consumer Secret

  • Import scopes - you can select if you'd like to activate API for products and orders or just one of those


Other Parameters

  • Store name - Your store name.

  • Product Quantity Fallback - If product quantity is not defined, the default quantity is assigned to the product when import to Koongo. You can select values between 0 and 10000.

  • Clean Removed Products Interval - You can choose the time interval (from 3 to 30 days) Koongo will keep the items removed or no longer imported from your end. Any item not imported for more than X days will be fully removed from Koongo.

  • Products per page - Products limit for one page during the import process. You can select values between 10 or 250 items per page.

  • Force parent categories to variant - if set to Yes, the parent categories will be used for product variant


Product Filter

For the Magento platform, it is possible to set the product import filter. The options are:

  • Status - Enabled/Disabled options are available.

  • Visibility - You can import just selected visibility products - Not Visible Individually/Catalog/Search/Catalog, Search.

  • In Stock Only - Yes - in-stock products only or No - all products.


Order Settings

  • Remove Order older than - To choose the time frame you need to keep your orders in Koongo. You can choose between 1, 3 or 6 months.

  • Use Default store currency - To be activated when you need to get the Orders transferred into your default store currency using the in-built Koongo currency convertor.


Order Taxes by Countries

For more information about this store settings, please check the manual below:

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