Order details
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You can check each order detail either directly in your store (e.g. in your Shopify store) or also in your Koongo account.

Please check the step below on how to do that.

  1. Click the order details button.


  2. Select a specific tab to check all details there.

    General tab includes basic order information such as marketplace, country market, order id, customer emails, shipping service, order creation, order update or sync. status amongst others details.


    Address tab shows the customer details (first name, last name, email, phone) besides the whole billing and shipping information.


    Items tab contains a list of all the products the order is including. You can click on Show details to get access to additional product data such as brand, color or size ordered.


    Shipments tab will display a list of basic shipment details such as status, tracking number or carrier used. You can click on Show Details to get access to further details.


    RMA tab is useful for selling channels with Return Merchandise (RMA) procedures supported. Please, check the specific order sync. articles to learn more


    Refunds tab will show the details of processed refunds, reasons, items returned or refund order id's from the channel or store.


    Comments will display additional order information such as customer preferred shipping method, shipping labels or materials order links when supported.


    Communications tab needs to be checked to know all the actions & commands taken so far and the direction of them, to store or channel.

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