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Amazon integration - Add products manually
Amazon integration - Add products manually
Updated over a week ago

Another integration option is a manual upload of product file/feed generated by Koongo, it might be useful in some cases.

Download the Amazon channel file

Once you have set up the Amazon product feed, please download the channel file from Koongo.

Upload channel file to Amazon

Select Add Products via Upload

From the Amazon left menu, please select Catalogue Add Products via Upload


Upload your feed file

In order to upload your Amazon product feed click on the second tab Upload your spreadsheet, drag & drop the feed file previously downloaded from Koongo and click Upload file.


Check the Upload status

Within the third tab Spreadsheet upload status, you can check the upload status & download the submission report to to get to know the number of items accepted & rejected. This report is pretty useful to adjust any attribute giving issues and perform a new & successful upload.


Fixing error - Update product data

You can check and update your product data directly in your Amazon account.

It allows you to fix every single product errors.

Select Add Products via Upload

Select Catalogue Complete your Drafts


You will get the list of all submitted feeds. Select the latest submitted version with Actions allowed and click Complete Drafts.​


Within this section, you will be able to Fix your products directly on Amazon. You can list the Inactive items and check all issues that need to be solved (stock, pricing) and even check the items that need to get more information added to be finally activated. In all those cases, you will be able to add the missing product information in every item to get them finally published.​


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