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How do I integrate Amazon marketplace?
How do I integrate Amazon marketplace?
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The Amazon feeds are used to upload product data to the Amazon marketplace. Koongo supports all Amazon country-specific marketplaces. Amazon order management is available for selected platforms.

Open an account on the Amazon marketplace

Sign up for an account on Amazon. You can find more information in the article below:

Amazon Integration over API

Once you have signed up for Amazon Merchant Account you need to associate your Amazon account with Koongo:

Amazon channel feeds setup

To upload products successfully on Amazon, you can use 4 types of Amazon feed.

  • Inventory feed - Add products to Amazon - it allows uploading products to your Amazon account, only products listed in the Amazon database are accepted. Price and stock information is required.

  • Inventory feed - Remove products from Amazon - it allows removing the products from your Amazon account if products are removed from your store.

  • Price & Quantity Update feed - it allows you to update price or inventory data in your Amazon account. You can send just stock information to Amazon or stock and price information. Only products listed in the Amazon database are accepted.

  • Product feed - it allows adding new products to the Amazon database. You need to choose the Amazon product feeds based on your product category, you may need to use more than one product feed.

Integration via manual product file upload

Another integration option is a manual upload of product file/feed generated by Koongo, it might be useful in some cases.

Shipping cost settings for Amazon

The shipping cost for Amazon is possible to define directly in your Amazon account via shipping templates. Please check the manual below:

Amazon automatic order synchronization

For more information about Amazon's automatic order synchronization, please check the article below:

Contact Koongo support

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact us at

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