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How to import tier and customer group prices from Magento 2?
How to import tier and customer group prices from Magento 2?
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Magento 2 gives the opportunity to define Product Tier Prices, which lets you offer a quantity discount on your products. The discount can be applied to a specific store view or customer group or shared catalog. Please find more information about tier price configuration in Magento documentation.

The tier price might be defined as a Fixed Amount or as a Percentage of the product price.

Fixed Price Amount
The below example shows 3 Tiers for a Fixed Price.
The first Tier (that has the price of โ‚ฌ100) refers to the cost of a single product.
The following two Tiers refer to the cost of every single product if the merchant sells a group of listings.


Once the prices are saved for a specific product in Magento2, it is necessary to import the products on Koongo, and then the update will be completed. The prices are imported into the attribute Price Group X Qty Y where X is the id of the Customer Group and Y is the quantity defined in the tier price row.
This is how the prices appear on Koongo. If you want to check the prices of a specific product on Koongo you can click on the product details for that product.
It appears like in the below image with the 3 Tiers that we have previously been set up in Magento2:


Discounted Price amount
It is also possible to provide a price configuration by Discount Price instead of the Fixed one.
The procedure from Magento2 is the same, it is just necessary to switch from Fixed to Discount and add the desired discount as displayed in the below image. Click Done and Save once finished.
It is important to note that regarding the discounted price, the percentage is calculated against the value defined in the Price field, not the Special Price field.


The result on Koongo will be updated after importing the products again as follows:

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