Custom Source Import
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Certain marketplaces might require extra attribute values not necessarily specified in your store, such as new price values, material, specific sizes, gender, images, and more. The Custom Source Import feature provides a convenient way to import these additional attribute values from external sources, such as CSV or Google sheets files.

Essentially, Koongo provides two import methods to get different source data imported into the system:

  1. Product feed available on a publicly accessible URL link.

  2. One-time uploads from CSV files.

The Custom Source Import feature is available through Standard and Premium Koongo plans only. You have the option to upgrade your Koongo plan within My Plan & Pricing section.

Additional attribute values import

Once your Koongo Plan is upgraded to Standard or Premium:

  1. Go to Store Settings & check the Custom Source tab.

  2. Fill in the import feed URL link or upload the import file.

  3. Select the product identifier - e.g. product id, SKU, EAN, etc. Please note, the product identifier value has to be listed in the first column in the import file or feed.

  4. Preview & Check the data to be imported.


Check product data in Koongo

The additional data is imported into the Koongo product Custom section with the attribute name using the "Custom" prefix in addition to the name used in the source file. As you may know, you can check all data for a specific product within Koongo > Products section.


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