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Koongo settings for Magento 2
Koongo settings for Magento 2
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There are several configuration options for the Magento 2 platform.

To set them up please click the Store Settings button within the left menu.


API Info

  • Store URL - The URL link of your Magento 2 store

  • Consumer Key - Your Magento 2 store Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret - Your Magento 2 store Consumer Secret

  • Access Token - Your Magento 2 store access token

  • Access Token Secret - Your Magento 2store secret token

  • Store Code - Your Magento 2 store code


Other Parameters

  • Store name - Your store name.

  • Product Quantity Fallback - If product quantity is not defined, the default quantity is assigned to the product when import to Koongo. You can select values between 0 and 10000.

  • Clean Removed Products Interval - You can choose the time interval (from 3 to 30 days) Koongo will keep the items removed or no longer imported from your end. Any item not imported for more than X days will be fully removed from Koongo.

  • Products per page - Products limit for one page during the import process. You can select values between 10 or 250 items per page.

  • Force parent categories to variant - if set to Yes, the parent categories will be used for product variant

  • Customer Tax Class id - To specify the Tax id loaded from the Magento 2 tax rules and defined in the Tax Class.

  • Copy Variants from Parent - Used to load certain attributes for item variations when those are just available in parent items.


Product Filter

For Magento platform, it is possible to set the product import filter. The options are:

  • Status - All/Enabled/Disabled options are available.

  • Visibility - You can import just selected visibility products - Not Visible Individually/Catalog/Search/Catalog, Search.

  • Category - You can select certain categories to be imported only


Order Settings

  • Remove Orders older than - select 1,3 or 6 months

  • Update Stock for pending orders (Not Paid)

  • Admin Path - insert your admin path for the correct link to order editing


Order Taxes by Countries

For more information about this store settings, please check the manual below:

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