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How do I modify Koongo subscription? (Shopify)
How do I modify Koongo subscription? (Shopify)
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You can modify the Koongo app subscription on a monthly basis. You can always increase or decrease the resources included in your plan to fit your current needs.

General terms

  • Store - A store is defined as an entity consisting of products and categories in one language store or store view.

  • Channel - Number of channels used is not limited, you can use as many channels as you like.

  • Products - The total number of unique SKUs, each product variant is counted as a single item.

  • Connection - To activate the order sync functionality, you need to add a connection to your Koongo plan. Each connection includes 100 orders month limit. The Unlimited connections option includes 7+ connections. The total order limit is set to 700 orders per month. If you exceed your monthly order limit, an additional 100-order package is automatically activated. The additional order package is charged extra. You can find more information at Koongo pricing.

Modify your Koongo plan

Navigate to My Koongo, log in & select My Plan & Pricing from your Left Menu


You can select a Service Level and modify the resources needed. By default, Koongo selects the number of stores, items and order connections automatically.


Click on the button I agree with this plan


You will then be redirected to your Shopify store where you need to confirm the Koongo subscription and approve the new recurring charge.

Modify your Koongo plan (order synchronization)

In case you'd like to use the order synchronization for selected channels, please activate the "connection" option. For more information about the order synchronization functionality, please check the Order synchronization manuals.

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