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How do I modify Koongo subscription?
How do I modify Koongo subscription?
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Note: For Shopify, please check - How do I modify Koongo subscription? (Shopify)

You can modify the Koongo app subscription on a monthly basis. You can increase or decrease your Koongo subscription to cope with your current business needs.

Modify your Koongo plan

Navigate to My Koongo, log in & select My Plan & Pricing from your Left Menu


The Service Level chosen will define the level of support and product / order update frequency assigned to your project. The Service Features you might need can be checked on the Current Usage column, please, bear in mind the resources will be highlighted in red color when they exceed the current Plan limits. We suggest adjusting the resources, based on the Plan limits & Current Usage details, by selecting a suitable number of stores, items and order connections from New Plan limits dropdown.


Once the new resources are added to the current plan, please, click Upgrade Plan button. This action will modify your Koongo subscription in Billwerk payment system and new resources will be added to your project immediately.


Modify your Koongo plan (order synchronization)

In case you would like to use the order synchronization for selected channels, please add as many Order Connections as country markets you wish to get connected at order level. For more information about the order synchronization functionality, please check the Order synchronization manuals.

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