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How do I add my order connection?
How do I add my order connection?
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Add an order connection

By clicking the Add Connection button within the Orders tab.


Select a channel

Choose the selling channel you would like to activate the order synchronization.


Set up your order connection

  • Set up the connection with the chosen selling channel either by inserting your API keys or by logging in to the selling channel merchant portal when re-directed.


  • Check the Order settings manuals for the supported selling channels to adjust & define the order parameters allowed such as the auto-acceptance attribute, threshold, synchronization level, default carriers, and sync. from date features and others.

Save your connection

Once the connection is successfully established with the selling channel with successfully tested connection, the order settings defined and the connection enabled, it's time to Save your order profile. Koongo will start performing automatic order synchronizations with the connected selling channels every 15 minutes.

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