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How do I deactivate Koongo subscription?
How do I deactivate Koongo subscription?
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You can cancel the Koongo app subscription anytime by canceling the Koongo recurring charges in your Billwerk account. Please note, your Koongo account will remain active until the end of your current billing period.

Cancel trial period

If you cancel the Koongo trial within the 30-day period, no subscription charges will be applied. To end the Koongo app trial, simply remove the app from your store.

Cancel your Koongo plan

Navigate to My Koongo, log in & select Billing Overview from your Left Menu


Click the Billing Profile button


Cancel your Koongo subscription from your Billwerk account


Uninstall or Remove the store from Koongo

Once the subscription is canceled, you just need to remove your store from Koongo ''. In case your platform required the Koongo app installation, you'll see the Uninstall App links in the main Koongo Dashboard. However, in case your platform did not require any Koongo app, you will just see the Remove Store link in the main Koongo dashboard. It's just a matter of clicking Uninstall App or Remove Store link to disconnect your store.

Uninstall app


Remove store


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