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In this section, we will show you how to adjust your account details, store name or login credentials; you will learn how to adjust your plan, modify your payment details or check & download your last invoices.

Edit Account

The Edit Account link will let you modify your account details at Koongo.


Edit Account Information

  • First Name - Name

  • Last Name - Lastname

  • Email Address - Used as the Koongo username

  • Time Zone - The value is predefined automatically according to your location. You may want to change it as the channel updates are scheduled according to the selected Time Zone.


Change Password

If you select this option, you can change the password used to access Koongo.


Legal & compliance

Here you can check and agree to all Koongo legal documents, Terms of Service, General Terms, Privacy Policy and Data Processing agreement.


My Plan & Pricing

You can find a direct link to your Plan & Pricing details at the bottom of the Left Menu.


For more information about how to activate a trial period or your Koongo subscription, please check one of the articles below:


Billing Overview

You can find a direct link to your Billing Overview at the bottom of the Left Menu.​



The subscriptions section will let you Manage your plan & give you access to the Billing profile.​


NOTE: Subscription overview is not available for the Shopify platform since the Shopify Koongo app is charged within the Shopify billing system.

For more information about how to activate or cancel a trial/subscription, please check the articles below:


You can check all the active Koongo plans added to your account​

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