Attribute Mapping Table
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You can edit every profile setting in your Koongo dashboard. The main store attributes are pre-mapped to the selling channel attributes. You can modify attribute mapping for the selling channel attributes.


  • Product Feed Attribute (e.g., Google Shopping) - Name of the product feed attribute (=element/column in target XML/CSV product feed). A brief description of the current feed attribute is given in this column. You can map your store attributes onto channel (Google Shopping) attributes using the attributes mapping table. The table contains the following columns:

  • Store Attribute - The value of the selected product attribute is exported as a feed attribute value. Product attributes are loaded from your store - Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed, CCV Shop, PrestaShop, etc. Light blue attribute means that the attribute is already pre-adjusted for export by default and can't be modified - e.g. Media Gallery.

  • Default Value - a constant value - the exact value used for all your items. This value is exported if the store product attribute is not chosen or its value is empty.

  • Settings - Click the Settings button to see the advanced settings of the current feed attribute. For more information, please check - Attribute Mapping Table - Advanced Settings

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