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Attribute Mapping Table - Advanced Settings
Attribute Mapping Table - Advanced Settings
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With Koongo, you have the ability to make certain modifications to your store attribute values in order to export accurate values to every selling channel. Please, be aware that it may not always be possible to make the modifications only through Koongo, and you might have to make changes directly on your store's back office.

Click on the Settings icon next to every channel attribute, within each export profile, to access the Advanced attribute settings.


Within the Advanced settings, you need to follow 2 steps:

As a first step, you will need to Define the Value. In a second step, only if you need so, you can apply some Post-process transformation actions as well.


Step 1 - Define Value

You will need to define the attribute or value that will be exported as the selling channel attribute. You can set up a default value (constant) or the store attribute mapping directly from the Attribute Mapping table. You may need to access the > Advanced attribute settings described here when some Macro Editor rule needs to be applied or some post-processing actions triggered. In any case, we will describe all the options available:


Store Attribute Section

The store attribute section contains 2 options: Store Attribute & Default Value


Store Attribute

Store (e.g., Shopify) Attribute - The value of the selected store attribute is exported as the channel attribute value. Store attributes are loaded from your store (Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed, etc...).

Default Value

Default Value - a constant value - the same value would be used for all the products. This value is exported if the store product attribute is not chosen or its value is empty too.

Macro Editor Section

Macro Editor is a powerful feature. It allows you to modify your product data in many different ways. You can increase the price of your products by a percentage or by a specific value. You can modify your Description or Title values or extract specific texts from these attributes, amongst many other actions.

You can use Pre-defined macros:


Or define your own custom macros too.


Attribute Info

This section is hidden by default, including an attribute description, an example, and a list of approved values.


Step 2 - Value Post-process Transformations

There are several post-process transformations you can use to modify the values.


Character Limit

Exported value is limited to a defined number of characters. If the limit is exceeded, additional characters are removed.



Currency - You can modify the attribute currency and export other than store currency. The conversion rate is always up-to-date. It's downloaded twice a day from the currency conversion rate online provider.

Export Parent Product Attribute Value

Export Parent Product Attribute Value - If set to Yes, the value exported into the product feed for a parent product is also exported for all child products/variants into the feed.

E.g., if a category is defined just for a parent product, then you can use this setting to export category names from a parent product into all product variants.

Rewrite Value

This functionality can rewrite exported values (e.g., from "L" to "Large", from "Male" to "M"). This rewrite works globally for the items exported in the product feed.

You can use regular expressions to match and convert the substring of the exported value. You basically define what string Koongo should look for and what sting should be used instead. If 'to' is left empty, the searched string is just removed.

You can test your regular expressions at and get more information & examples in the following article:


Post-Process Action

Text processing functions for an exported value. The value is processed as a text string.

  • Convert HTML to Text - Transform HTML entities into plain text.

  • Convert HTML to Text - only: &, ", ', &lt, > - Transform HTML entities such as &, ", ', &lt, > into plain text.

  • Remove Spaces - Delete spaces from exported value.

  • Convert Text to HTML - Transform characters into HTML representation.

  • Convert Text to HTML - only: &, ", ', <, > - Transform characters &, ", ', <, > into HTML representation.

  • Remove End of Line Characters - Delete end of line characters from exported value.

  • Remove HTML Tags/Elements - Delete HTML entities from exported value.

  • Convert Base64 to Text - Converts Base64 into text

  • Convert Text to Base64 - Converts text to Base64

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