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Zalando Connected Retail order sync manual
Zalando Connected Retail order sync manual
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Update your Koongo plan

You might need to update your Koongo plan to be able to activate the Zalando Connected Retail (CRT) order connection. For more information please check: Update your plan to activate an order connection

Order sync setup

To activate the Zalando Connected Retail order synchronization, please follow the steps below.

Add connection

Click Add Connection button.


Select the Zalando Connected Retail connection

Select the Zalando Connected Retail (CRT) connection from the grid


Fill user details

Fill in your Zalando Connected Retail account Marketplace, Connected Retail Client Id, and Connected Retail Client Secret. Click the Test Connection button. Select Merchant Id. Then, set Activate Order Synchronization to ACTIVE and save the settings.

IMPORTANT: At this point, asking Zalando Tech support to enable your order webhooks is required. Please, kindly ask the Koongo support team to provide you with your Client Id, Secret Key, and Webhook URL. Please, add those in the Contact Form to be sent to Zalando Tech support. In case you are not able to access the Contact Form form via the Connected Retail Tool, you can reach Zalando via


Sync your orders

Click Synchronize Orders button


Orders configuration

You can modify various parameters in the Orders Configuration section


Activate Order Synchronization

  • You can set the connection to Active or Disabled.

Order Synchronization Level

  • The Order Synchronization Level option can be set to Orders&Stock or Stock only.

Product Identification Attribute

  • Attribute to product identification at Zalando.

Order details

You can check order details.

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