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Azoya order sync manual
Updated over a week ago

Update your Koongo Plan

You might need to update your Koongo plan to be able to activate the Azoya order connection. For more information please check: Update your plan to activate an order connection

Order sync setup

To activate the Azoya order synchronization, please follow the steps below:

  • Add connection

Click Add Connection button.


  • Select the Azoya connection

Select the Azoya connection from the list


  • Fill user details

Select your Azoya Application Key, Client Secret, Provider Code, and Mode. Set Activate Order Synchronization to ACTIVE. Save the settings.


  • Sync your orders

Click Synchronize Orders button


Orders configuration

You can modify various parameters in the Orders Configuration section


Activate Order Synchronization

  • You can set the connection to Active or Disabled.

Order Synchronization Level

  • The Order Synchronization Level option can be set to Orders&Stock or Stock only.

Order types

  • Order syncing will transfer only orders with the selected fulfillment method.

Product Identification Attribute

  • This indicated the attribute mapped to Id in the Azoya feed.

Default currency

  • Default currency for Azoya orders.

Order details

You can check each order details.

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