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How to connect eBay marketplace?
How to connect eBay marketplace?
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There are various eBay marketplace locations available, Koongo offers a specific product feed for each location - e.g., The eBay API connection is using Product and Remove feeds.

  • The product feed is used to upload product data to an eBay marketplace.

  • The remove feed is removing deactivated products from an eBay marketplace.

eBay marketplace integration is not available for Connector for Magento and Connector for Magento 2 users. For the Magento and Magento 2 platforms please use the Koongo Service option.

The eBay Belgium marketplace API integration is not supported by eBay. Koongo doesn't offer eBay Belgium integration.

Request eBay marketplace account

To start selling on eBay, you need to request a business account first. For more information please check the article below.

Configure your eBay account

To start selling on eBay you first have to set up several policies at eBay, which are also necessary for Koongo in order to list your products.

Create eBay Product and Remove feeds

Add the eBay Product and Remove feeds to your Koongo profile grid. For more details please check the manual below:

Products will always be listed as a GTC (‘Good till Canceled’) offer. Only the 'Fixed Price' type is possible to use since the 'auction' type is not supported due to the eBay API restrictions.

Category mapping

Please map your store categories to eBay categories in your Product feed.

Connect your feeds to eBay

Connect your eBay Product and Remove feed to your eBay account using API integration.

Download eBay additional (custom) attributes

You can download additional eBay attributes via API using the "Get eBay Attributes" button.
In case you are missing some custom attribute values, you can use 'Does not apply' as a default value.

eBay order synchronization manual

The eBay order synchronization is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the eBay order synchronization, please follow:

Channel setup assistance

Do you struggle with a channel setup? Let us know at

We'll be happy to help you with your eBay integration.

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