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eBay API submission settings
eBay API submission settings
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Connect your eBay Product and Remove feed to your eBay account using API integration.

1 Select API submission

Click API submission button in your eBay profile


2 Connect eBay account

Select eBay marketplace location and click Connect eBay Account button


3 Fill in your eBay credentials

Fill in your eBay account username and password

4 Fill eBay policy settings

Click Get Account Settings button and select your Payment, Return and Fulfillment policy



5 Fill in inventory location

Select your Inventory location if it exists, or fill in the location name, zip code & city for it to be created in the first submission attempt:


6 Submit your products

Click Submit to eBay button to send your products to the channel

7 Check the submission errors

Check your product submission errors and fix the eBay feed accordingly. Select the Show Products button from the API Submission section or directly from your Channel Dashboard.



Check the errors:


8 Activate Auto-Submission

You can activate the feed auto-submission by setting the "Enable Feed Auto-Submit" option to "Yes".

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