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Mirakl is a software platform that enables businesses to set up and manage online marketplaces. It provides a range of tools and features to help businesses create and operate a marketplace. The platform is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the marketplace to meet their specific needs and goals. You'll need to create & adjust two (2) feed types top create and update your products

Product feed

This is the feed type used to create products in Mirakl system, at the very beginning, some manual work on your side might be needed to adapt your values to Mirakl channel accepted values.

Product feed upload:

  • Within Koongo > Channels, try to download the generated Mirakl channel feed by clicking the Feed Preview button -> Download File:



  • Within Mirakl system now, try to navigate to My InventoryImport From File and search below for the link to open the Mapping wizard:




  • Use the button Select a file to manually upload the file and click Next Step.



  • Now, you need to select the attribute containing your category values in your feed for the Mirakl system to recognize them, and then press "Next Step":


  • Try to map the categories from the feed (left) by dragging them onto the official categories for the channel (right).


    The auto-map button can be used to automatically map (link) your categories when the values in your store match the channel ones.


  • The same process must be done with your store attributes in the next step named Attribute Mapping. You must link all your store attributes (left screen side) with the official Mirakl channel attributes (right screen side). It's important to get all the attributes in red, ideally the yellow ones too, linked with your store attributes.


  • In the next step, it's time to apply the same approach to the attribute values. The Automap option will link all your store attribute values with the official Mirakl ones when identical values are found only.


  • Please, expand all parent attributes to check all values included and try to map them to the closest value within the right column.


  • The next step Define Rules can be generally omitted via the Next Step button:


  • Finally, within the last step, you'll find a summary of the results expected after your category, attribute and value mapping process. If everything is fine it can be processed by clicking the Import My Products button.



Once the feed is submitted, the report for each submission can be found at My Inventory -> Import From File. Within Track Products Import tab you will find the info for the last submission performed and several links to download the error report.



It can be downloaded and filtered to check only the errors per item submitted. It will give you all the necessary details to adjust your mapping or attributes included in the feed file.

Offers feed

This is the feed type used to update the products in Mirakl channel system; the Offer feed will be only useful once the product content feed has been accepted and your products created there.

Offers feed upload:

  • Within Koongo > Channels, try to copy the generated Mirakl Offer feed URL by clicking the Feed Preview button.

  • Within Mirakl system now, try to navigate to My AccountSettings -> Imports


  • And adjust the FTP/HTTP offer import settings. ​


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