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Billing account troubleshooting
Billing account troubleshooting
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Direct Debit payment failure

ERROR: Currently, this payment method can't be used. Please provide different payment data.

Description: The issue might be that the payment was not collected properly or was rejected by the bank or that chargeback was triggered by the bank(or by the customer via bank).


  • Please contact your bank and check if the reference mandate and creditor id were inserted correctly. The reference mandate and creditor id are listed on the Koongo invoice.

  • Once the Direct debit for Koongo is allowed in your bank account, please contact Koongo support. We'll activate the Direct Debit on the Koongo site again. There is an 8.6 EUR fee charged for Direct Debit reactivation.

Missing VAT Id

Description: You're charged the VAT for your Koongo subscription.


  • Please check your Billing account details and fill in the VAT Id. The Vat is applicable for countries of the European Union.

  • For more information on how to edit your Billing account, please check How do I check/modify my payment details?

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