Rewrite Values Examples
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This functionality can rewrite exported values (e.g., from "L" to "Large", from "Male" to "M"). This rewrite works globally for the items exported in the product feed.

You can use regular expressions to match and convert the substring of the exported value. You basically define what string Koongo should look for and what sting should be used instead.

If 'to' is left empty, the searched string is just removed.

You can test your regular expressions at or






Replace a character with another character

To convert all small "a" to big "A" letters in the attribute value, use the following regular expression: From: aTo: A This rule converts "BlackBerry 8100 Pearl" to "BlAckBerry 8100 PeArl".


Remove decimal zero

To remove decimal zero Input: 13.00 From: /\.00/ To: empty Output: 13


Transform string to another string

To transform string which contains WOMEN to WOMEN.Input: MEN, SNEAKERS or SNEAKERS, WOMEN  From: /.*WOMEN.*/ To: WOMENTo transform string that dosn't contains WOMEN to MEN.Input: MEN, SNEAKERS or SNEAKERS, WOMEN From: /^(?!WOMEN).*/ To: MEN


Transform string to a number

To map string values to numbers FROM: /.*NOIRE.*/ TO: 38 FROM: /.*BLANC.*/ TO: 1 FROM: /.*ROUGE.*/ TO: 8 FROM: /[^0-9]+.*/ TO: 457 // DEFAULT value for all not numbers.


Other rewrite examples

Remove color part from "Addison jacket - Black". Result "Addison jacket" FROM: /\s-[\s\S]*/ TO: (leave empty) Extract color value from title "Addison jacket - Black". Result "Black" FROM: /^[\s\S]*-\s/ TO: (leave empty) Extract color from "AALBORG - DUSTY BLUE - 50x70 CM". Result "DUSTY BLUE" FROM: /(^[^-]*- | -[^-]*)/ TO: (leave empty) Extract color from "Color: Blue, Size: XS,". Result "Blue" FROM: /(.*Color: |,.*)/ TO: (leave empty) Extract size from "Color: Blue, Size: XS,". Result "XS" FROM: /(.*Size: |,.*)/ TO: (leave empty)
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