Introduction to Wish
Updated over a week ago interface is quite different from the other marketplaces. They’ve embraced the gamification concept to offer a very genuine shopping experience with plenty of gaming elements all around the site. The “Shopping Made Fun” leitmotiv could not be more appropriate.

Besides all that, other features also make Wish marketplace interesting to increase your sales:

  • Sellers Pay as they Sell with no Flat Fees involved: Sellers have free access to the Wish marketplace and its resources. Sellers will be just charged a commission when a product is sold. It’s simple, no payment is needed if no sales are coming.

  • Sellers have access to a huge number of mobile shoppers. It’s a fantastic way to expand your m-commerce business. Full access to the Wish mobile app is granted as well. There’s no need to create a specific app to explore the m-commerce possibilities.

  • Sellers have access to the Wish product targeting functionality. It helps you to better identify potentialities and business possibilities within your existing product category.

The Wish marketplace integration is not available for Magento Connector and Magento 2 Connector users. Please, use Koongo as a Service (KaaS) option to connect your Magento store to Wish.

Things to consider if selling on Wish

In case you’d like to start selling on, it’s important to have a look at their restrictions:

  • In case you’d like to offer branded products, you’ll need to be an Authorised Seller with an agreement or authorization letter from the trademark owner that will be required by

  • You need to be selling new products, neither used nor refurbished products. Only brand new products can be listed in the marketplace.

  • It’s not a recommended marketplace to offer high-end or luxury products as is known to offer quality products at an affordable price.

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