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Bol Offer feed integration manual
Bol Offer feed integration manual
Updated over a week ago

Bol Offer feed is used to update product data (price, qty, delivery time) of the products already defined in the Bol database. The Offer via API feed is the first feed to be set up.

Set your Bol offer API feed up

Log into your Koongo account and set your Bol Offer via API feed up.


Click the Offer feed "Edit settings" button and adjust the Delivery code as needed - you can find the Bol approved values next to the "Delivery code".​


Product filter settings

The Common filter - leave the Common filter settings as set by default. The out-of-stock products have to be included in the Offer feed. So, the offers are set to qty 0 on Bol.


Connect your feed - Bol authorization

Click Connect Bol Account button.


Please fill in your Bol email address and password.


Approve the API connection


Your Koongo Bol feed is now connected to your Bol account.

Check your Offer feed

You can check your Offer feed. Click the "Feed Preview" button, download it in CSV format, and open it in Excel.​


Submit the Offer feed to Bol

Submit the Offer feed to using the "Submit to Bol" button. Then, check your products in your Bol account to see how many are active.

  • If the product EAN codes are defined in the database, the products will appear active on

  • If the product EAN codes aren't defined in the database, you need to use the Content feed to define the products. Please have a look at the Content feed manual for more information.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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