How do I connect my store?
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Start your free 30-day trial now. Integrate your Shopify store to Koongo in a few steps. In case you use any firewall protection at your online store connected to Koongo, please check Koongo IP addresses to be whitelisted

About Koongo

Koongo provides smooth integration to various online marketplaces and price comparison websites worldwide. Koongo solution enables you to import your Shopify products to Koongo. You can optimize your data. And create automatic connections to marketplaces and price comparison websites of your choice.

Koongo offers order management functionality for selected online marketplaces. Koongo transfers marketplace orders back to your Shopify store. Marketplace orders can be fulfilled directly in Shopify just like ordinary orders.

1. Install the Koongo App

Select Koongo app in Shopify apps store and click Add app button


2. Select Your Shopify Store

Select Shopify store you'd like to integrate with Koongo

3. Confirm Subscription Plan

Install the Koongo app, approve your subscription plan, and activate your free trial


4. Create a Koongo Account

Create or log into your Koongo account


5. Create a Product Feed

For more information, please check How do I create a product feed.

6. Contact Koongo Support

Feel free to contact Koongo support at

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