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Introduction to Bol Repricer service
Introduction to Bol Repricer service
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Koongo has launched an innovative repricing solution specifically designed for Bol users capable of fetching essential data from's dedicated endpoints and featuring advanced functionalities such as Price Stars rating and Buy Box support.

This service empowers sellers on Bol to dynamically adjust their product prices to remain competitive in the marketplace, ensuring maximum visibility and sales potential.

Configuring the Repricer

To set up the Koongo Repricer, essential parameters need to be defined:

  • Standard Price refers to the regular Bol product price usually exported.

  • Minimum and Maximum Prices serve as boundaries for pricing adjustments.

  • Price Undercut determines the amount by which the price should be adjusted, either increased or decreased, from the boundary price.

You have the option to map all the BOL Repricer attributes detailed above with any store attributes, or use any standard price attributes adjusted through the Koongo Macro Editor system.

Please note, shipping costs are automatically added on top of any BOL price value

How the Repricer Works

Koongo's Repricer is based on predefined rules & strategies to be defined within the Bol Offer feed-specific settings (General tab). The Repricer can be Active, Inactive, or just operate in dry mode monitoring prices with no price change applied on Bol

We offer several Repricer Strategies for you to determine your objectives, whether it's selling at minimal or maximal prices, prioritizing Price Stars, or winning the Buy Box.

  • Target Buy Box or Optimal Price, secure the Buy Box at the highest possible price.

  • Target Buy Box or Minimal Price, secure the Buy Box at the lowest possible price.

  • Best Position at Optimal Price, get the highest Price Star level at the highest price.

  • Best Position at Minimal Price, get the highest Price Star level at the lowest price.

These strategies may change depending on the existence of competitors. With Koongo Repricer, you have the freedom to choose your course of action when there are no competitors in sight.

  • Go to Standard Price, keep price steady, your main reference, the regular Price.

  • Go to Minimum Price, stay competitive, your main reference, the Minimal Price set.

  • Go to Maximum Price, aim high, your main reference, the Maximum Price set.

Repricer reports Insights

The updated Bol submission report now includes additional Repricer information,

allowing you to determine whether you've successfully secured the Buy Box, attained a certain Price Stars level, or need to adjust pricing to reach the next Price Star tier.

While the Bol Buy Box algorithm remains undisclosed, factors such as product price (inclusive of shipping costs), delivery times, and partner score are known to be crucial, therefore, increase your chances of securing the Buy Box by adjusting your product pricing, improving your seller rating, and offering faster delivery options.

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