2dehands connection wizard
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Koongo now offers a user-friendly 2dehands connection wizard, designed to streamline the integration process. This wizard simplifies the task of connecting online stores to 2dehands marketplace, requiring only a few intuitive steps.

  1. Let the magic begin by selecting the 2dehands marketplace to start placing your listing ads.

  2. Follow the preconfigured steps to set up your item identifiers, attributes, price markups, and categories quickly. Define your daily budget & bidding options. Since most of the setup is already predefined, you'll breeze through the process.

  3. Check the Summary & Preview of your listings before submission. Use the Health Report to identify any product data that requires improvement, ensuring that your listings meet the marketplace's standards and maximize visibility and sales potential.

Simple, right? Just enable automatic sync, and you're all set to start submitting your product assortment. Once activated, you'll seamlessly keep all your product data, prices, and stock perfectly synchronized between your store and 2dehands.
The wizard offers clear instructions and guidance throughout the entire process. Please check out the wizard in action in the following video tutorial.

Is the Marketplaces & Ads section not visible in your Koongo left menu?
Feel free to contact Koongo support at support@koongo.com

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